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1RAR Museum

  • Located in Coral Lines at Lavarack Barracks.

  • 0930h to 1530h most weekdays.

  • Appointments outside of these hours can be made by contacting museum staff.

  • Families are welcome. There will be a need to arrange access to Lavarack Barracks - museum staff can help with this.

  • POC is SGT Tony White on (07) 4446 1104 or mob: 0417 298 015.


Links to Sites of Interest to 1RAR

If you find any links that fellow Association members and soldiers in 1RAR may be interested in, please send to webmaster@1rar.asn.au

Vietnam 1st Tour Deployment - video on Facebook [Link]

Australians in Action in Vietnam:

  • A Commonwealth Film unit documentary on the Australian Army in Vietnam. Shows 1 Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment (1 RAR) on parade in Sydney prior to embarkation for Vietnam. 1 RAR on operation with the United States 173rd Airbourne Brigade in War Zone D. Australian Engineers dismantling a Viet Cong booby trap.
  • 105mm Howitzers of 105 Battery Royal Australian Artillery transported to forward positions to support the infantry. Armoured personnel carriers of the recently formed 1 APC troops of the 1st Cavalry Regiment transporting men of 1 RAR as they move trough villages of War zone D. 1 RAR conducting village searches.
  • 1 RAR intelligence officers question the villagers. Captured Viet Cong weapons including Chinese made rocket proppelled grenades. Mess parade in the field. Extraction by US Army Iroquois helicopter. Arrival at the Bien Hoa airbase. Australians drinking beer.
  • USAF F100 Super Sabre fighter bombers, USN A3 Skywarrior bomber and USAF C130 Hercules transport aircraft at Bien Hoa. Australians on a truck headed for leave to Saigon. Soldiers at an Army education course. A game of touch footaball. Troops prepare for another operation into War Zone D firing weapons into firing pits.

20th Anniversary of 1st Deployment to Vietnam by 1RAR - Unveiling of a Memorial established in Holsworthy - video on YouTube

173D Airborne Brigade Memorial Dedications 2010

The 173d Airborne Brigade memorial was dedicated in 2010 at Fort Benning, Georgia. In 1965 the 1RAR Group was attached to the 173d at Bien Hoa, Vietnam and became the third battalion of the brigade and remained as such until June 1966. The memorial lists the names of the 1RAR Group killed in Vietnam. Each year on ANZAC Day, Fort Benning holds a memorial service at the memorial honouring the Australian and New Zealanders who served with the Brigade.

Army Museum North Queensland [Link]

  • Located at Townsville's beautiful Jezzine Barracks, the Museum collects and exhibits objects and stories relating to the history of the Australian Army in North Queensland.
  • The Museum is staffed by part-time Australian Army personnel, a full-time Australian Public Service Curator and a team of dedicated volunteers.
  • As 1RAR is one of the longest serving units in Townsville, a significant portion of the museum, especially since 1945, is about 1RAR.