1 RAR Association Incorporated

Battalion Prayer

Almighty God,

You call all men to serve you in many different ways, and we who are soldiers ask you to bless us in our work.

Help us in our desire to protect the lives and freedom of our friends.

Help us especially in our present role to be courageous in fighting for freedom.

May we learn by our actions the true meaning of freedom and appreciate its value.

May we always be fair in our dealings with others.

Develop within our ranks of the 1st Battalion of The Royal Australian Regiment that true fellowship you wished all men to have.

May we always join cheerfully in friendship with the other members of the Battalion and have true sympathy for those who suffer.

Give to the members of the Battalion the strength to be physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight, so that we, with your help, are able to serve you, O God our gracious sovereign, and our country.