1 RAR Association Incorporated


Purpose/Mission: The 1 RAR Association provides organised contact for members with others who have served in 1RAR or with a 1 RAR Group on operations; and provides whatever support we can to those who need our support, including their families.

Specific Activities / Objectives:

  • To hold regular social gatherings to live 'prevention through connection'.
    • for example, Townsville Branch has a Happy Hour on the last Friday of every month at a location notified on Facebook (see the front page of the website for Facebook if you don't have your own account).
  • To conduct activities to keep green the memories of fallen comrades.
    • for example, arrange for a contingent at ANZAC Day, and lay wreaths at appropriate memorial services and ceremonies. It also includes an appropriate service to be conducted at all reunions.
  • To support the activities of the Battalion to inculcate soldiers early in the benefits of camaraderie during and after service.
    • some support for the diggers recognised by current serving soldiers of 1RAR
  • To utilise our network to ensure the best possible care and support for our comrades and their dependants,
    • wherever any of our members become aware of another member or family needing help, the branch leadership will do whatever possible to ensure appropriate organisations are alerted for help and members do what they can to help make life better for them.
  • To raise funds through donations and membership fees from those members not serving in 1 RAR
    • to remain a member of the 1 RAR Association, each member (less current serving soldiers in 1 RAR) pay $25 per FY ending 30 June each year. For this, each member will get a log-in to the 1 RAR Association Website with updates of 1RAR Activity by the CO and our President; details of Branch events and news; and discounted prices in the DPRI store. The National President on recommendation from the National Executive may waive the membership fees if appropriate/necessary (for example, for members rendering exemplary voluntary service in support of Association operations or circumstances of financial hardship)
    • The membership fee of $25 per year includes a 1RAR Association Badge. If a member requires a replacement badge, then an additional charge to cover costs of $10 is payable. 
  • To support the RAR Association - Queensland (and other connected and like organisations) in their endeavours, where they are aligned to our objectives.
    • The 1 RAR Association does not get involved in lobbying/politics or the media, but the National President, with advice from the Patron, may choose to support initiatives of the RAR Association (specifically those endorsed by the RAR Corporation), as he believes is in the interests of our members of the 1 RAR Association.