1 RAR Association Incorporated

Street Names


 The naming of these streets and buildings is to recognize the sacrifice and commitment of members of the Big Blue One. The renaming occurred on 13th October 2004 with opening ceremonies conducted at each point fifteen minutes apart. Each ceremony involved a short, well researched, address outlining the significance of each naming. 

  • WILSON-CLARK BAND HUT: Named after two members of the Medical Platoon who were KIA in January 1966 providing first aid to a wounded soldier in contact.
  • GILLSON-PARKER UNIT TRAINING FACILITY: Named after LCPL ‘Tiny’ Parker & PTE Peter Gillson who were presumed killed during Operation HUMP in November 1965, however their bodies were not recovered back to Australia until June 2007.
  • DEAN DRIVE: Named after SSGT Frank W. Dean, BEM. Member of the 65th Australian Infantry Battalion, 1st Battalion, Australian Regiment & 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment. He was 1RAR’s longest-serving member at that time.
  • WALTER LANE: Named after PTE J.A. Walter, NSC. who received the Nursing Service Cross for his dedication in the performance of duty as a company medic in East Timor during Operation CITADEL. CPL Walter was serving in 1RAR when the street naming ceremony occurred in 2007.
  • GRIFFITHS ROAD: Named after LCPL David J. Griffiths, DCM. who was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal during the battle of FSB CORAL in South Vietnam in May 1968.
  • TAYLOR ROAD: Named after CPL L.E. ‘Squizzy’ Taylor, MM, who was awarded the Military Medal during Operation BLAZE, 1RAR’s first operation during the Korean War.
  • O’SULLIVAN COURT: Named after SGT E.J. O’Sullivan, Intelligence Sergeant 1RAR and previous member of 65th Australian Infantry Battalion, who designed the Regiment's ‘Skippy’ badge.
  • AITKEN LANE:  Named after CPL Thomas A. Aitken, DSM. who was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal during Operation SOLACE in Somalia in 1993.
  • MUNDAY ROAD: Named after LCPL David M. Munday, MM. who was awarded the MM in July 1966.
  • SEPTIMUS DRIVE: Latin for Seven, named for 7th Division, 2nd AIF. Soldiers from the 7th Division formed the 65th Aust Inf Bn in 1945.