1 RAR Association Incorporated


The 1RAR Association Incorporated

The 1 RAR Association is an association for those who have been on the establishment of 1RAR or any of the other previous infantry battalions that carry the number 1, or anyone who has served with a 1RAR Battalion Group on operations, or is recognised as an Associate Member of the 1RAR Association which requires committee approval.


Proof of entitlement to belong to the Association is the responsibility of the individual applying. This is normally a simple matter of validating the information completed with Registration. A general rule is that if two current paid members of the association can vouch for you then approval is generally approved quickly. 

Benefits for Membership

  • Email notification of important time sensitive info that we believe most of the Members would appreciate knowing soonest, and reunions or just gatherings of the 1 RAR Association around Australia.
  • Reduced prices at the 1RAR Association Online Store.
  • Access to the SITREP Section of this website which has:
    • 3 x 3 reports on the Battalion's activities and issues affecting CO 1 RAR, when CO 1RAR is able to provide.
    • 1 RAR Association President's Reports.
    • A complete members listing by postcode.
    • Connection service whereby if a member would like to connect by email with another member a request can be made to The Association to pass on email addresses.

Use of Information

I hereby consent to my particulars (as entered in this registration and updated from time to time by me and any other details that become know that would assist fellow members stay in touch with my condition/activity/whereabouts) to be placed on the website; but only be available to members of the 1RAR Association who have login access to this website.